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About Cecilia Belle

As a mother to a large family our founder and creative director, Amy Fountain-Berney, understands what meets the needs of both parent and child. Stylish, yet practical – organic cotton fabrics, luxurious merino knits – look and feel beautiful but are also perfect for a child’s sensitive skin. Each piece has been lovingly designed by us using specially selected fabrics from Spain and Italy.

Amy's Story

Growing up in a close family as one of three daughters, my mother was a huge influence on my style today. She would dress myself and my older sisters in a very traditional way – smocked dresses, blouses, skirts and double breasted wool coats. Items she would travel to London to buy. Her ethos was always to buy classic clothes of high quality that she knew would last. She was proved to be right as some of these pieces are still being worn today by my niece and my own daughter, some 40 years later! That ideology has remained with me and I feel that smart, good quality clothing will never go out of style – it is timeless.

Five guys and a little lady……

Following a career in Human Resources I had my first son, Max, and from that moment being a Mummy became my World. Over the following 15 years I had four further boys (Yes five boys!!) and most recently we welcomed our daughter Arabella to the family. It is busy, it is noisy but having a big family is something very special and I would not have it any other way!

Having a daughter after five sons is a whole new experience in many ways but the clothing has been a huge change for me! All of the girl sections in shops that I’d previously avoided were now accessible! However, once again, as with my boys I was attracted by the classic, clean lines that were often found in Spain, France or Italy. Soft pastels and beautiful fabrics were what I was attracted to and I seemed to only be able to find them abroad. This led me to exploring the passion I had for children’s clothes a little further than just buying them, I knew I wanted to design them. I started by having a local dressmaker bring to life a few of my ideas, a pair of bloomers and a romper. Immediately seeing Arabella wearing one of my very own designs, using a fabric I’d sourced myself, was an amazing feeling and I knew then I had to follow my dream and start my own line. With the unfailing support of a very understanding husband and family I am thrilled to be able to launch Cecilia Belle, I am grateful for the sense of style my mother passed down to me and I am beyond proud of my children, as they have been my inspiration.

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